I am a resident of the Durham, NH area, and have lived here since November, 2013. I own 17 acres of land, bordered by many acres of land that is under conservation. My property looks out on tidal streams that flow into the Oyster River. In May, 2016 I was fortunate to participate in a Covert’s Workshop.


This opened my eyes to a whole world of land management and planning, and I came home with the goal of developing a plan for my land, and sharing what I learned, how I plan to apply it to my beautiful property.

To help others who may want to do a little or a lot on their land to encourage wildlife, I thought documenting my journey would help others. Since I started with very little knowledge or understanding of this field, this blog will share how I started, what I learned about all the abundant help and information there is to support me, and finally to show you how things have and will continue to change as my land transforms into a sustainable environment for me and the plants and animals that share this land with me.