History of the Land

Early history

My history

I moved here November, 2013. Most of the land was forest, with a fresh water pond, so surrounded by brush that I almost couldn’t see it. The area to the west of the house was a very large lawn. There were about 10 raised beds in the backyard but I had no idea what was planted there. Many big oak trees lined the last part of the driveway, and most of the area under them was a beautiful mossy carpet. Close to the house it was overgrown with leggy rhododendrons, Japanese yew, holly bushes, and various other bushes. On one corner of the house was a towering cedar tree that looked in bad shape, and there was another one out back by the raised beds. Down by the tidal stream there were a couple of old apple trees, and a few more up by the pond. I found an old pear tree in the back, struggling in the shade. A big stand of shag bark hickory trees in the back had dropped tons of nuts in the back yard.  Large ornamental bushes were overgrown all around the house, many of them blocking various windows. The amazing view to the Oyster River was obscured with autumn olive, an old playground set, a compost pile and an old rotting wood pile.

My first winter


My first job was to find someone to tackle all the leaves from the oak trees, and then I needed to cut back some of the bushes around the house so that I could see the view!

I looked forward to Spring when I could see what was planted where, and get a better sense of the land.

I settled in for a long, cold winter.